Vegan and loving it

Nancy McColl

Making significant changes to one’s diet is not always easy, and the best way to proceed is by taking baby steps.

Five years ago, I switched to a plant-based diet, and I’ve never looked back. I was prompted to change my eating habits after I started researching where our food comes from, which led me to take control over my own nutrition. Soon after I started experimenting with my new eating plan and lifestyle, I began to experience several health benefits, and to this day, I continue to enjoy the many foods that will help me grow old feeling healthy and happy.

Abstinence from meat and dairy products, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, etc… may not be for everyone, but more and more people are making the connection between the way we are growing our food and its effect on our bodies. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are among today’s most common illnesses, and according to nutrition experts, all can be linked to the way people are eating. As President Bill Clinton’s personal heart surgeon stated in a recent television interview: “People may be eating their way into these conditions, but what they don’t realize is that they can also eat their way out of it.” This is good news for all of us!

Robert O. Young, PhD, and author of The pH Miracle, writes that the top ten foods that cause allergic and acidic reactions are: dairy products, meat and shellfish, all forms of sugar, vinegar, mushrooms and algae, peanuts and peanut oil, corn, soy sauce and miso, eggs and alcohol. You might be asking yourself what you will be able to eat if you eliminate all these foods!

You needn’t worry. You will have a multitude of great new options, while continuing to enjoy some of your old favourites. The foods you want to choose are dark green in colour, which are in fact what our bodies prefer, because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Smoothies are a great way to fuel your body with these rich foods; they are easy to digest and inexpensive especially when you make your own.

Go ahead, experiment. Treat yourself to a new vegan recipe book, and eat something new and exciting every day. Soon you will notice that aches and pains and excess pounds will disappear, and your moods and energy levels will also improve.

One last tip: buy fresh and the best foods your budget allows. If you can’t afford organic food, don’t worry about it. You’ll still feel great!