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Frightening view of senior care: Lodge doesn’t have the staff needed for proper supervision

Hugh Adami, The Ottawa Citizen

If the future of care for seniors is anything like what Mary “May” Quinn is getting now, those next in line have much to fear. Since Quinn returned to Carleton Lodge on September 23, after undergoing hip-replacement surgery on September 19, the 93-year-old has had a number of falls, she was either trying to get out of her bed or up from chairs in which she was restrained with a lap belt. She was alone when every fall occurred.

Health-care insiders accused of eroding system:

Political advisers laying groundwork for profit-driven firms, group argues

Pauline Tam, The Ottawa Citizen

Around Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet table and Conservative leader Tim Hudak’s inner circle is an influential cadre of advisers and patrons with close ties to for-profit health-care providers. The Ontario Health Coalition, a pro-medicare group, argues these insiders are eroding the province’s public health-care system by laying the groundwork for profit-driven companies to play a bigger role.

When even Dr. Optimism is losing faith, it’s time to fix the medicare system

André Picard, The Globe and Mail

We have seen a slow and steady decline in what we would all now agree is a deeply troubled health-care system. To be clear, this pillar of Canadian society is eroding … We are losing something of great value. It’s slipping away slowly, incrementally.” Those mournful words were spoken by Dr. Jeff Turnbull, the outgoing president of the Canadian Medical Association.

Why do doctors seem to neglect long-term care patients?

Question and answer feature, Health and Fitness

Lisa Priest, The Globe and Mail

“At the long-term care home where most residents on my mother’s ward are in their late 80s, the doctor was due every Thursday. He did not do rounds or examine residents. Instead, he sat in the nurses’ station and leafed through the notes nurses had written. I found it disgustingly neglectful. What should I do?”

When mom needs a hand: Women usually shoulder the responsibility when elderly parents fall ill

Denise Ryan, The Ottawa Citizen

Carole Lange wasn’t too concerned until her mother ended up in Vancouver’s Lions Gate Hospital. Doctors called Lange in to tell her that her mother had been diagnosed with dementia. Suddenly, Lange’s world was turned upside down.