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Woman arrested for taking mum, 97, from care home

BBC Yorkshire, BBC News, UK

Ylenia Angeli, 73, said she took “drastic action” due to lack of face-to-face contact during the pandemic. Police were involved, and the event was captured on film by Angeli’s daughter, Leandra Ashton, a former Coronation Street actress.

Ottawa’s Extendicare Starwood COVID-19 outbreak the worst in the province

Blair Crawford, The Ottawa Citizen

Worst in the province with 80 active cases among residents and 26 among staff.

Ontario commits to increasing care of long-term care residents

Elizabeth Payne, The Ottawa Citizen

Premier Doug Ford made the announcement Monday saying the COVID-19 has “shone a spotlight on the deep cracks in our broken system”. BUT it won’t come in time to make a difference during the pandemic noted Jane Meadus, lawyer with the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly. The change, which will be included in the provincial budget Thursday will not be fully implemented until 2024-2025.

Ontario pledges more direct care for long-term care residents

Ontario’s long-term care minister needs to up her game fast

Mohammed Adam, The Ottawa Citizen

Long-term care homes were the epicentre of the virus in the first wave, accounting for three-quarters of deaths in Ontario, and anyone paying serious attention would have anticipated what was coming. The reality is that the Ministry of Long-term Care is always a step or two behind the crisis, and that raises serious questions about Minister Merrilee Fullerton.