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Don’t leave family physicians out of the COVID vaccine program

Mohammed Adam, The Ottawa Citizen

One-third of Ontarians remain uncertain about vaccines but would be more likely to get shots if these were administered by their doctors. One of the most perplexing questions about Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout is why family doctors have been left out.

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New standards are being created for LTC homes –
And the public is asked to weigh in

Joanne Laucius, The Ottawa Citizen

The process of building nation-wide standards for long-term care homes was launched on Tuesday. In the coming months, a committee of about 20 people ranging from researchers to LTC residents and family members will be recruited. There will be virtual town halls. Anyone who wants to share their views can fill out an online survey which is accessible from a link in the complete article below. 

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It’s still an institution – Advocates urge radical change for LTC homes

Joanne Laucius, The Ottawa Citizen

Amid calls to turn Ontario’s for-profit homes into not-for-profits, some are arguing that what the system really needs is to turn its back on the institutional model. Rose Anne Reilly’s mother, Rose, died on New Year’s Day at the age of 104. Born in the middle of the First World War, Rose lived through the Spanish influenza epidemic that began in 1918. She tested positive for COVID-19 in November. Her case was resolved, but she went into a rapid decline, her daughter said. Rose lived in a long-term care home for the last seven years of her life. Rose Anne said she fought to make sure her mother would have a later breakfast, as she preferred. In the last year, during outbreaks, residents were isolated in their rooms, with little social interaction, Rose Anne said. “I think these people were neglected. They were not stimulated. And COVID made it worse,” she said.

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Advocating for a loved one in an Ontario care home should not be a crime

Joel Harden, NDP MPP, The Ottawa Citizen

Mom is sullen and withdrawn. So you investigate; you talk to care workers and raise concerns to managers. Soon after arrives a letter by registered mail from the home’s management (it arrives by email, too). “This letter is notice that you are no longer permitted at the home,” it reads. “Your presence at the home is disruptive and disrespectful of staff and residents, and it is our obligation to provide a safe environment. If you attempt to enter, the police will be called for a trespass violation.”

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On Thursday, March 4, Joel Harden presented Motion 129 for debate to insist that the use of trespass orders end. The motion is called “Voula’s Law” and you can sign the online petition here:

Reduction in annual long-term care inspections left residents vulnerable

Elizabeth Payne, The Ottawa Citizen

A steep drop in comprehensive inspections at long-term care homes left gaps in knowledge about infection control and emergency preparedness leading up to the pandemic, the Ontario Long-term Care Commission said on Friday. The Commission recommended the Ministry of Long-term Care reintroduce annual Residents Quality Inspections for all long-term care homes as part of its second set of interim recommendations.

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