Caring for our skin:
A must at any age

Rebecca Leigh of Simply Natural,


Note from Lise: I first met Rebecca and family at a weekend vegan festival in the Glebe over 10 years ago. At the time, my problem with rosacea was giving me cause for great concern, because none of the numerous over-the-counter facial products I tried since my 30s ever worked on me, and any prescribed remedies only made things worse. Although I was skeptical about trying the Simply Natural blemish formula when Rebecca recommended it to me, my face has never looked better. No more outbreaks- to this day – so why mess with a good thing!


The largest organ in the human body is the skin. Taking care of it is essential to our health and beauty. Treating the skin to natural, organic products is one of the best ways to help skin heal and repair itself. After the age of 25, the cell turnover process begins to slow down, resulting in more slackness, less elasticity and natural collagen loss as we age. The good news is that by taking care of our skin, we can help our body fight the natural signs of aging. Products made with vitamins and minerals and natural collagen and elasticity properties can help the skin repair itself from the inside out.

Caring for our skin starts at night, by getting a good night’s sleep. The skin replaces itself most actively between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m.  Use of a moisturizer with ingredients that promote the growth of collagen and elastin will help this process. The other things that will help keep our skin young and healthy are a daily cleansing and weekly repair regime:

The Daily Cleansing: Cleanse tone and moisturize is a daily ritual and should be done at the same time as we brush our teeth (morning and night).

The Weekly Repair Regime added to The Daily Cleansing, is a 2-minute massage with a non-abrasive facial scrub including exfoliating (by removing the excess build-up of dead skin cells, you help generate new healthy skin cells to grow, and in turn, the products that are used on our skin will absorb better into the skin), followed by a purifying or hydrating mask. This will deep clean the skin and enhance its repairing action at night time.

How do we choose products?

With a large variety of products available at pharmacies, estheticians, multi-level companies and health food stores, how do we choose? Is the price a good indication of their quality?

One way to find out is to visit your local health food store and ask their consultants to inform you on their selection of products.

Price does not always mean quality. The fancy packaging and resale levels are very costly for these manufacturing companies, so customers end up paying for that as well.

Sensitivities to skincare products occur due to the high levels of preservatives and synthetic fragrances added to commercial products. Studies have shown that preservatives and fragrances are the major causes of skin sensitivities.

Many large cosmetic companies produce 500 thousand or more products at a time, having a shelf life of approximately 3-5 years. Approximately 1% of preservative has to be added for these products to last that long. Synthetic fragrances are added to mask the chemical odor.

In conclusion, do a little research on the products you are planning to use for your precious skin. Once you find what you need, you’ll enjoy those daily cleansing rituals and look forward to the weekly regime.

Since 1985 we have studied the impact of chemicals on our bodies and the environment, and we have not only made it our goal, but it has become our passion to produce clean, gentle, organic, effective products that work with our skin and nature. Only nature’s finest, purest, healing ingredients will be found in Simply Natural products. We have worked through the years to perfect our recipes to treat the skin with the most effective, gentle, organic ingredients, resulting in a healthy, beautiful complexion.

Since the beginning of our skin care journey, we have focused on coming up with skin treatments that are safe to the body and the planet. We believe that less is more, less packaging, less ingredients and less impact on the planet and our skin. By using simple, organic ingredients, the products will not only work better with the skin, but the results will be far more effective because it is working in synchronicity with nature and the skin. Less packaging means reusable glass jars, less expensive for the company, and thus less expensive for the consumer. Less impact on the planet means biodegradable ingredients, and less waste means less landfill. So let’s love the planet and our skin.